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Avatar ar2

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27-01-2009, 13:02
Domyślnie (nowość) JVC WX70 - (lt-42wx70) test , opinie, wszystko o serii

Telewizor JVC 42WX70 będzie posiadał 52 różne opcje związane z kalibracją.

Parametry techniczne podawane przez producenta: rzeczywisty kontrast 4000:1, dynamiczny kontrast 50,000:1, system 100Hz Clear Motion Drive III oraz Intelligent Clear NR.
My definition is High Definition. Nie wiesz jak korzystać z funkcji szukaj? Przestrzegaj TO!

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Avatar kiki

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28-01-2009, 19:49
Domyślnie - tu więcej szczegółów
o najnowszej technologii

Ważne jest jeszcze jaka różnica - między tradycyjnym LCD :

Do tej pory lakoniczne słowa jest lepszy, ma więcej kolorów, naturalna paleta barw - to były słowa które trudno opisać i dla każdego znaczyć mogło to coś zupełnie innego.
Tymczasem udało nam się uchwycić istotę opisywanych przez producenta elementów:

Widać wyraźnie gdzie niebieski chłód tradycyjnych telewizorów lcd - dominuje

widać to wyraźnie na reprodukcji kolorów skóry

Ale również morze i otoczenie wyraźnie podkreśla naturalność barw.
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Avatar kiki

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18-03-2009, 01:36
Domyślnie więcej szczegółów

With wider colour space, 42-inch super slim, lightweight Full HD monitor faithfully reproduces the colours, detail and texture of high resolution still photos made by digital SLR cameras.
Establishing a new category in flat panel TV design, JVC has announced an LCD TV system that includes a super slim monitor that features a colour space that is wider than a typical HDTV’s. The new JVC LT-42WX70 is a 42-inch (107cm) Full HD LCD TV monitor that targets digital imaging professionals and enthusiasts using high-end digital SLR cameras, allowing them for the first time to see the subtle colours, details and textures of their images faithfully reproduced.
The monitor features expanded colour space capacity encompassing 100% of HDTV broadcasting’s (ITU-R BT.709) colour space and a coverage rate of 96% for Adobe RGB — a colour space for still photographs taken on high-definition digital SLR cameras — to provide accurate reproduction of both video and still photographs that are faithful to the ambience during shooting. This offers users a whole new way to enjoy TV viewing — “high-definition, virtual prints on a large 42-inch screen” — for displaying images immediately by connecting the TV directly to an SLR camera compatible with HDMI or component connector, editing stills by connecting it to a PC via a D-sub 15-pin, or even do a round of on-screen checks in accurate colours prior to outputting images to a high-resolution digital photo printer for and thus save on expenses. The LT-42WX70 also features 52 picture-quality adjustment properties for tweaking both still and video images source-by-source to the exact colours and tones the user prefers.
The secret to displaying accurate photographs on the monitor is a result of JVC’s advanced video picture technologies because in theory, video is a sequence of still pictures. Picture-quality technologies such as the DynaPix HD Picture Engine is progressing even more to match the source in producing accurate to the original photographs and clearer video images with smooth movement without blur or noise.
The LT-42WX70 delivers performance like that of a professional-studio monitor and equalizer in one complete package together with user-friendly operation thanks to an intuitive graphical on-screen display that is easy to control via the equipped remote, and touch-panel operation that makes available essential TV operations on the front bezel. The remote can also control other devices connected to the display via HDMI CEC.
In addition to its advanced display technology, the LT-42WX70 offers JVC’s groundbreaking design. Slim and lightweight, the monitor features a stylish black leather-like texture on its slim bezel with the flat rear panel finished in metallic silver without any visible screws*2 to create an attractive design that blends with any interior. The monitor is supported by an elegant, curved pedestal-style stand with 3-step height adjustment, into which the separately available HD digital/analogue tuner box (TU-CX100)*3 can be docked. Alternatively, the sleek, low-profile tuner can be separated from the monitor and placed horizontally or stood vertically on a tabletop, or hung on the wall. The two components are sold separately, so those with a set-top box and no need for a tuner can purchase just the monitor. The monitor is extremely light, enhancing placement possibilities, and draws very little power when operating.
The professional-studio performance high-definition still images and video reproduction the LT-42WX70 offers are as genuine as an art piece in a gallery or museum. The superlative performance offered by the LT-42WX70 makes it everything that a TV should be, and also more than anything a TV could ever be.
*1 100Hz scanning applies for PAL broadcasting system. *2 Excluding screws for connection with a VESA-compliant mount. *3 TU-CX100 may not be available in certain markets/regions.
LCD TV for SLR digital still photographs
The innovation of digital SLR cameras has brought an increased number of photo enthusiasts and power camera users who enjoy camera and its unique atmosphere to the full extent. JVC has opened a new dimension for such users with the LT-42WX70 with originally designed slim panel module to achieve colour space wider than that of HDTV, and the ability to display still images shot using sRGB or Adobe RGB colour space with their faithful colours.
Select a colour mode to match the source
Depending on the source signal – video or stills – the user selects a colour mode from among Wide (the TV’s colour space), Normal (ITU-R BT.709; HDTV standards), x.v.Colour (xvYCC extended gamut), sRGB (same primaries as HDTV) and Adobe RGB. sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces are exclusive for viewing digital still images. Digital photos taken using the Adobe RGB colours space and displayed on the LT-42WX70 in the Adobe RGB mode will be reproduced with colours faithful to the original.
Wider Colour Gamut and Adobe RGB compatibility
The monitor encompasses 100% of sRGB (which is equivalent to HDTV for video signals) colour space and a coverage rate of 96% for Adobe RGB, allowing the LT-42WX70 to fully reproduce deeper reds and bluish greens that are a characteristic of Adobe RGB colour.
Displaying colours in their original set of tones To fine-tune the colour for different sources, the LT-42WX70 features 52 on-screen image-quality adjustment properties that allow fine-tuning of colours, tint, gamma, and more, which can be memorized per source for future use. For example, individual Colour Management Settings of red, yellow, green, cyan tints and colours, as well as skin tone tint can be adjusted on-screen using the supplied remote controller.
Consistency in gradation and colour
JVC’s individual Gamma Adjust System calibrates each monitor’s greyscale tones to gamma 2.2 to ensure displaying consistent and faithful colours regardless of the set or manufactured lot. This extra effort is put in because colour consistency between the source and display are essential when reproducing photos that are taken on digital SLR cameras or video from different sources.
LCD TV offering a new ground for moving images and videos
To further ensure the best possible video quality, the set uses JVC’s new high-quality DynaPix HD Picture Engine that performs in 12-bit (XRGB=36-bit) for truly accurate and natural colours in both still and video images.
Natural colour and smooth tone (12-bit x 3 = 36-bit)
The new DynaPix HD Picture Engine evolved even further to recreate accurate and natural colours. The Real Bit Y 36bit path Driver processes in 12-bit (x RGB = 36-bit), and so up- U V 24bit path converts 8-bit* HD broadcasting and DVD signals or 10-bit* Blu-ray signals into 12-bit Deep Colour signals, regardless of the quality of the source signal, to achieve videos with smoother gradation.
*A number of bits will vary depending on the source.
To compensate for colour bleed and colour drift caused by the gap in the source colour format and LCD’s colour space, the Chromaticity Point Conversion Circuit in the engine matches the colours so they are deep, natural and accurate.
Driven at 100Hz/120Hz* for blur- and noise-less moving picture
100Hz/120Hz* Clear Motion Drive II in the engine reduces blurring on LCD TV, helping to make images with rapid movement clearer and smoother using a high-precision interpolation algorithm. The 3D real time, motion-estimated Hadamard noise reduction is applied to eliminate noise while suppressing blur. Picture signal frequencies are also divided into 16 sections and noise reduction performed per section to produce images without noise while maintaining the realism and sharpness of the original picture.
*120Hz scanning applies for NTSC broadcasting system.
Monitor with distinct styling and form
Slim and lightweight, the LT-42WX70 features a stylish black leather-like texture on its slim bezel that also helps to reduce glare. The flat rear panel is completely finished in metallic silver without any visible assembly screws or vents, providing a clean, attractive design and allowing for greater placement flexibility.* To support the monitor, the supplied stand has a centre pillar that curves toward the front of the panel. The stand features a three-step height adjustment to further broaden installation possibilities and the TV can be easily removed from the stand for hanging from a ceiling or wall. In addition, the monitor comes equipped with a slim detachable stereo speaker that runs along the bottom of the panel. If an external sound source is to be used, the speaker module can be removed, giving the monitor an even sleeker, cleaner appearance. The simple and solid yet clearly distinctive design of the LT-42WX70 blends naturally with any given space.
An intuitive graphical on-screen display is easy to use via the included remote, and touch-panel operation makes essential TV operations available at the front panel. The remote can control other devices connected to the display via HDMI CEC.
*Excluding screws for connection with a VESA-compliant mount.
Array of connectors
The LT-42WX70 features an array of connectors for video and still image viewing, including three HDMI CEC terminals, D-Sub 15pin with component video, and an audio input jack. What’s more, the TV tuner comes supplied with 15-pin/component/composite, audio and HDMI cables. This allows the user to easily perform various operations such as checking images by connecting directly to an SLR camera compatible with HDMI or component connector, editing stills on the large 42-inch screen by connecting it to a PC via a D-sub 15-pin, or even do a round of on-screen checks in accurate colours prior to outputting images to a high-resolution digital photo printer and thus save on expenses.
The LT-42WX70’s matching HD digital/analogue tuner box – TU-CX100 (not available in certain markets) – links to the monitor with an HDMI cable and can be used to connect the set to more devices or for receiving different broadcasting systems including HD digital terrestrial. It is designed to dock below the monitor with cables hidden behind the unit to give the TV a clean single-unit looks. Installation possibilities expand even further when positioning the tuner box and display separately. The tuner box can be positioned horizontally or vertically on a table or even hung from the wall. Touch sensor operation buttons on the tuner box are designed to rotate in the correct orientation depending on how the box is positioned. The tuner box is sold separately as many households already own digital set-top boxes for receiving broadcasting.
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Avatar kiki

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13-05-2009, 02:19

Co raz więcej szczegółów i entuzjastycznych ocen.
Dostępne w Polsce maja być również w maju.
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Avatar illie

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22-06-2009, 17:19
Domyślnie audio video opinia

parę cytatów z opinii miesięcznika AUDIO VIDEO: " świetna czerń i kontrast, bardzo dobra reprodukcja kolorów". Są też wady: "cena, słaba jednorodność obrazu, kiepski deinterlacer SD". Ogólnie JVC "można zaliczyć do najlepszych telewizorów LCD na rynku." Jeszcze o czerni: "głębia czerni jest lepsza niż w znakomitej większości plazm"."Matryca ma jednak swoją specyfikę: nie lubi być oglądana inaczej niż na wprost."
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Avatar kiki

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23-06-2009, 03:20

wystarczy skorzystać z kalibracji i kąty pękają
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Avatar toms83qwe19

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25-06-2009, 12:47

Kiki będzie teścik w najbliższym czasie? Wiesz dlaczego pytam.
Raczej na pewno będzie w moim zespole "ich troje".
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